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Unleashing Fair, Competitive, and Dynamic Play like Never Before

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By integrating CourtReserve's advanced court reservation system with DUPR's comprehensive player ratings, we're enabling an enriched pickleball experience. Stay on top of your game, understand your performance better, and enjoy a more balanced competition.

A forward thinking, inclusive community deserves a rating to match. With DUPR, all players regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill are rated on the same scale between 2.00-8.00.

  • Innovate the Game

  • Unify the Sport

  • Global PB rating system

  • Optimized for Accuracy

  • Built for the Pickleball Community


How it works


Did you win or lose? If you win your rating will go up and if you lose, your rating will go down.

Type of Result

Was this a self-posted rec play score, a league match, or a sanctioned tournament result? Rec play will count less towards your rating change.

Rating Difference of Opponent

If your opponent is higher than you and you win, you'll increase more than if your opponent is lower rated and vice versa.

Performance Tracking

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The DUPR integration allows you to keep a close watch on your pickleball performance. Track your progress over time, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set new personal bests.

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Fair and
Balanced Play

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With DUPR's accurate player rating system, you'll always be matched with competitors at a similar skill level. It ensures a fair game every time you step on the court.

Unlock Competitive Fairness: Restrict Events by DUPR Ratings on CourtReserve

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Discover the next level of competitive fairness in pickleball. With our innovative partnership with DUPR, CourtReserve now allows you to restrict events based on players' DUPR ratings. Finding the perfect match is no longer a guessing game.

DUPR provides dynamic, accurate, and universal player ratings to ensure balanced and competitive play. By restricting events based on these ratings, CourtReserve ensures every match on our platform is as fair and enjoyable as possible.

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This Powerful Integration Allows You To

Create Balanced Matches

Eliminate the guesswork and ensure players of similar skill levels compete against each other.

Encourage Skill Development

By competing with others on the same skill level, players are encouraged to improve and advance their ratings.

Boost Player Satisfaction

Avoid mismatches that can lead to unfulfilling games. With rating-restricted events, every player gets a challenging, yet fair match-up.

Build a Competitive Community

Foster a healthy, competitive environment in your pickleball community as players strive to improve their DUPR ratings. Begin your journey towards competitive fairness today with CourtReserve and DUPR. Start restricting your events by DUPR rating and elevate your pickleball events to new heights of satisfaction and fairness.

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Community Building

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Connect with other pickleball enthusiasts, share your scores, and foster a vibrant community. It's all about playing, improving, and enjoying the sport together.

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