Unlock the Power of Integration:
CourtReserve Access Control
Meets RemoteLock.

Experience seamless facility management like never before with the CourtReserve Access Control integration with RemoteLock. We've joined forces to provide you with an unprecedented level of control and convenience, right at your fingertips.

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With CourtReserve's robust booking system and RemoteLock's sophisticated lock control technology, this integration creates a seamless, efficient, and secure solution for managing your facilities. It’s all about giving you more control, better access, and peace of mind.

For those customers who take advantage of the RemoteLock and CourtReserve integration, players use CourtReserve’s mobile app to easily locate and book a court. They simply toggle through the days of the week and click on “reserve” at the desired time. This prompts a confirmation email to be sent to the player, which includes a unique PIN for the smart lock on the gate or entrance that’s only good during the reservation window. Now, players have digital proof of their reservation time, eliminating any potential guesswork or arguments. That’s especially useful for public courts and those in HOA communities that don’t have an attendant or a front desk.

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Enhance Security and Convenience with RemoteLock Integration

Seamless Connectivity, Improved User Experience, Robust Security, and Simplified Administration for Your Facilities

  • Seamless Connectivity

    Automatically synchronize your CourtReserve bookings with RemoteLock's smart lock technology. This means the doors only open when a booking has been made, enhancing your facility's security.

  • Improved User Experience

    Deliver a smooth, hassle-free experience to your members. With this integration, access codes are generated automatically and sent directly to the user upon booking, ensuring effortless access at the time of their reservation.

  • Robust Security

    RemoteLock’s advanced technology pairs with CourtReserve to offer the highest level of security. Monitor and manage who enters your facilities, and when, with real-time updates and notifications.

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