Enhance your
Pro Shop with
Point of Sale

CourtReserve's simple & affordable point
of sale and inventory management add-on
makes it easy to sell and track retail items, snacks, court time, and more.

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Boost Efficiency, Control, and Customer Satisfaction with our Point of Sale

Unleash the full potential of your Pro Shop with our seamless Point of Sale system.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Simplify management with integrated tracking of sales, inventory, and court bookings, allowing you to focus on enhancing customer experiences.

  • Enhanced Financial Control

    Our robust reporting tools offer clear insights into sales trends and profitable services, simplifying strategic business decision-making.

  • Personalized Customer Experience

    Utilize comprehensive customer profiles to personalize promotions, suggest relevant products, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Inventory Management

Setup and manage all your pro-shop items with full stock-on-hand tracking and reporting.

Credit Card Terminals

Integrate with multiple different credit card devices to make taking payments at your front desk safe and secure.


Full suite of reports to show you which items and item categories are selling the best.

Charge to Account

Our Point of Sale system fully supports charge to account to make end of month collection easy.

Reorder Alerts

Be alerted in real time when stock of a certain item go below a certain amount to ensure your shop stays stocked.

Discounts & Taxes

Easily discount items in a cart and setup both included or excluded tax rates based on your business needs.

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The simple POS system add-on from CourtReserve allows our front-desk to quickly check-out customers and track our inventory. We love it because it was super simple to set up and easy to use!

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Choosing the right Merchant Provider

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SafeSave is great for the larger clubs that are processing a larger volume of revenue. SafeSave has integrated credit card devices for contactless and secure card-present transactions as well as e-check capabilities.

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Stripe is a great option for the smaller clubs/organizations that are processing lower volumes of revenue or those that are in need of a pay-as-you-go option.