Keep your Pros Doing What They Love🤘

CourtReserve's user-friendly platform helps organizations and staff keep track of day-to-day schedules, lessons, clinics, and more - improving player satisfaction, increasing signups, and keeping pros out on their court maximizing their time.

Tennis Instructor with Young Talent on Clay Court. Boy having a Tennis Lesson.

Supercharge your teaching pros.

What you get with managing your teaching pros inside the CourtReserve platform.

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Improved Scheduling

Our instructor scheduler makes it easy for you and and pros to schedule private lessons and clinics.

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Attendance Tracking

With our simple mobile app, teaching pros can quick take attendance so you know which players are attending.

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Time Reporting

Quick and easy reporting to breakdown how much time your pros are on the court.

More Staff Management Features

Make is super easy for your teaching professionals to manage their clients and programs.

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Custom views built specially for streamlining the scheduling of pros based on availability.


Instructor Types

Define and categorize different instructor types for better reporting across the different roles at your club.


Pro Pricing

Set up pricing table for your different pros for lessons and events.  Even setup custom pricing based on day/times.


Weekly Instructor Schedules

"Simply put, CourtReserve is the perfect solution for our program. We were looking for a scheduling and payment system that was user-friendly, easy to manage and had a beautiful design. CourtReserve has delivered on all of these requirements."

Teaching Professional from Cali 🏄‍♂️