CourtReserve’s Pricing Update

Pricing Update CourtReserve

CourtReserve will remain free for your players to use, but we’ve launched new plans to help streamline your club’s operations, reservations, payments, and more.

This article refers to our new pricing plans. If you joined CourtReserve before June 1, 2024, this information may not apply to you. For information about our legacy pricing contact us by email or live chat.

When you join CourtReserve, you’ll start a free 30-day trial with a core plan of your choice – Start, Grow, Scale, or Enterprise. It’s possible to upgrade or downgrade between these plans after your free trial.

The plan you choose determines the monthly price.

CourtReserve core pricing plans

Instead of charging for each court and instructor, we’re now offering comprehensive plans for every stage of your club’s journey.

All of our plans include unlimited courts, memberships, and instructors/teaching pros/staff.

This allows you to expand your offerings at any time without worrying about extra court or instructor fees.

All prices are shown in United States Dollars (USD).

Begin your club management journey the right way.
Premium features & financial tools for your growing club.
Unlock enhanced features to fully scale your club operations.
The definitive solution that meets all your multi-location needs.
$99 /month$199 /month$499 /month$549 /month
Visit our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of features included on each plan.

What’s new in CourtReserve

Over the past year, we’ve added features, like Leagues, to our platform that will help expand your club’s offerings to boost memberships and player engagement. 

Along with our new pricing, we’re introducing our new Branded Mobile App. Initially, this will be available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

Existing customers can request the Branded Mobile App by upgrading to the Scale or Enterprise plans.

Example: Old Coast Pickleball branded mobile app on the App Store

Getting started with CourtReserve

To get started with CourtReserve club management, simply start a free trial. During the 30-day trial, you’ll have access to the software with complimentary software training and onboarding support.

After the free trial period, subscribe to one of the plans, and add a payment method to continue using CourtReserve.

Book a call to join a live product overview before your start a free trial.

How existing customers can upgrade

For our existing customers who do not make any changes to their current subscription, access to CourtReserve will remain unaffected until 2025.

Customers will then be converted to Start ($99/ month) if no other plan is chosen. Don’t worry, we will email you ahead of this happening!

Please reach out to our Customer Success team by email or live chat if you have any questions or want to discuss these changes. 

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