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When Devan and Mike Egan first picked up a Pickleball paddle, they were hooked. But playing in their first tournament, outdoors, with temporary nets and shared tennis court lines, they quickly realised there had to be a way to deliver a better experience for pickleball players.

So they founded Club Pickleball USA, the largest indoor dedicated pickleball club facility in the country. Within two months, they had more than 400 members, and were already looking at opening a second site.

15 courts quickly turned into 27 with the launch of the new site, and Club Pickleball USA grew to almost 1,500 paying members and 40,000 unique players - one of, if not THE, largest groups of players in the nation.

But they couldn’t have done any of it without CourtReserve.

The Challenge

Building an unrivalled indoor pickleball experience needed exceptional tools and software

In starting Club Pickleball USA, Devan and Mike didn’t have many frames of reference.

“There was maybe one other club in Oregon that had five or six courts that we could even compare off. Nobody had done a space of our size and scope.” says Devan.

They had to become pioneers of the sport.

To deliver on that unrivalled indoor pickleball experience that Devan and Mike wanted to create, they knew they had to focus on three A’s.

  1. Access to the sport, with convenient locations and easy court reservations
  2. Accommodations, with permanent surfaces and netting to deliver a superior experience
  3. Affordability, with reasonable prices for regular players and the casual community

And as part of that commitment to experience, Devan knew they’d need the right tools and software to support them.

“Right out of the gates we started researching court reservation software. We knew that maybe with one or two courts, you could do it manually. But we had 15 then, not something you can manage on an Excel Spreadsheet or a silly online tool that doesn’t give you the functionality you need.”

“We needed automated tools that made us more efficient.”

Thankfully, he quickly found CourtReserve.

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The Solution

One of the easiest decisions made with the set-up of Club Pickleball USA

“We looked at other options out there, but honestly, it wasn’t even competitive. It really was an easy decision.”

Reviewing the market for court reservation and membership management software, Devan quickly found that there was no other provider that could come close to the features and functionality offered by CourtReserve.

It included text notifications, automated waitlist notifications when a player drops out, automated billing and much much more.

“In our thorough assessment at the time, it was quite apparent that this was one of our easiest decisions. CourtReserve had the most experience, the most robust software tools and the highest level of customization and control.”

For Devan, one of the biggest advantages of CourtReserve was the level of additional controls. From booking window parameters to cancellation requests, refunds and credits to group scheduling, there is so much that the platform can do.

Devan’s been able to add multiple clubs to CourtReserve and toggle between them, integrate with DUPR to host events that are true to skill level, and use the app to manage game scoring, reporting, and a ranking system.

“It’s as complete a system as we’ve been able to find.”

The Results

Multi-site expansion, thousands of satisfied members and an ever evolving player experience

“We built our business on the backbone of CourtReserve. If we didn't have membership management tools, wait list tools, all of the payment processing and all of the functionality, the customization and the control that CourtReserve empowers clubs with, then our efforts creating events and attractive experiences, and managing our operations, would have been an absolute wreck.” 

Three years in, Devan couldn’t be happier. He and Mike are already working on a third and fourth club, and now run the largest pickleball mastermind group in the country, with over 70 clubs turning to them for help and advice.

And what’s one of the first things they suggest to new clubs? Get CourtReserve.

“I always tease them and say ‘hey you can either make the easy decision now and use CourtReserve, or you can go with someone else and we’ll see you in four to six months.

As Devan notes, the difference with CourtReserve is that they’re always focused on developing and enhancing both club and player experience. The founders are both pickleballs players, so they’re hands on, developing the technology that they’d want to see.

“I can trust that these guys have their finger on the pulse and are always going to, you know, adapt and build and curate their software to meet the needs of the player.”

That they do. Devan also appreciates that CourtReserve is constantly releasing new content and updating their software.

“Every week I log into CourtReserve and there’s a new notification about new tools or new features. They’re always rolling out the newest, latest and greatest.”

Going back to those three A’s, CourtReserve has helped Club Pickleball USA deliver a playing experience that’s accessible, accommodating and affordable.

“CourtReserve is the best money I spend every single month. I love it when they withdraw money from my account!”


Mike Egan, Co-owner of Club Pickleball USA

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