How your club can come out better than ever on the other side

How your club can come out better on the other side

As the founder of a small software company, I could have easily worried myself to death with the stress and anxiety of what the Corona Virus could mean for our business… but really, what good can come of that?

Instead, I made a decision to steer my team’s focus away from the negative outside noise and toward the positive – let’s control the things we can, signal.

We are doing that by continuing to partner with our clients, developing new features and enhancements that not only help them manage their businesses more effectively but offer real solutions to the challenges of the coming new normal.

We are embracing this downtime so that our clients come out better than ever on the other side!

When clubs and public facilities start opening back up and players start congregating again, facility managers, club directors, and teaching pros should open back up with a plan in place to proactively address the new normal. Many clubs have older antiquated systems or still run on paper court sheets and clipboard sign-ups. Likely this will not work moving forward.  This time out is an excellent opportunity to explore options that you’ve probably been thinking about, but just weren’t quite ready, or couldn’t quite find the time. 

Quick gut-checkCan your current system or processes do the following?

  • Give members the ability to access court availability on their phones?
  • Provide a simple way for staff to control the max registrants of programs?
  • Give members the ability to pay their invoices online?
  • Provide a simple way for your staff to coordinate lessons remotely (and on the court)?
  • Ability to create custom booking schedules so court time can be staggered?
  • Ability to effectively communicate court closures and other important updates to members and pros?
  • Easily automate membership billing and collection?
  • Use of a self-check-in Kiosk to reduce people congregating at the front desk?
  • Ability to provide your staff (and members) an easy-to-navigate mobile experience?

Are you open to a conversation as to how we can come out the other side better than ever, together?

I would love the opportunity to talk and tell you more.

Book something directly with me HERE.

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