The Court Reservation
Platform for successful

Tennis Clubs.

CourtReserve is an all-in-one club management platform that helps you run your club with ease and confidence.

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Group 1000001967

Court Reservations

Streamline your
reservation process

Group 336

Easy online reservations for members in lieu of calling and tying up the front desk or showing up to book courts.

Players can quickly & easily book online at their convenience without having to call the front desk or show up in person


WhiteBoards, Call-Ins, Frustration, Conflicts

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Allow players to book courts & lessons quickly and easily using the easy & intuitive player app!

  • Simple Mobile Bookings

  • Get Paid Faster

  • Optimize Court Usage


Simple registration and waitlist for programs, classes, camps and leagues

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Quickly integrate your data into your existing website to easily market and showcase your offerings and programs.

Improve program registration by offering easy and quick online registration complete with upfront payments, check-in, and waitlisting.


Paper registration, Tracking down money, Manual paper signups

Group 337
Group 337


Perfect for players and staff to make booking courts easier.

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The days of being glued to a computer or having to comb through paper court sheets are over. Our intuitive mobile app will have your staff more engaged and your players more tuned in to your organization.

Players and staff will enjoy an intuitive and straightforward mobile experiencing for booking courts.


Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Outdated & Costly Platforms


No more unpaid fees for courts, programs & lessons.

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No more tracking down payments for unpaid fees. Get paid upfront to secure online bookings.

Complete tracking off all your financials without having to hire expensive accountants and bookkeepers to give you the financial health of your organization.


Cash, Uncollected Cancellation Fees, Paper Checks

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Group 337


Seamless member & player management

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Our robust membership management component can help you effectively manage your members. From membership renewals, billing & invoicing, to sending marketing emails, we got you covered.

Rid yourself of the paper application as we make it easier to go paperless with our digital agreements and waiver forms complete with electronic signature capture.


Separate Membership, Email, & Billing/Invoicing Platforms

Pro & Lesson Scheduling

Keep your pros on the court and out of the office

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We help organizations keep track of day-to day schedules, lessons, clinics, and more. Improve player satisfaction, increase signups, and keep pros out on their court maximizing their time.

Our Book a Pro features allow you to transform your online lesson requests.


Pros being over-booked, Text message overload, Hours trying to Schedule

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Why are clubs choosing CourtReserve over others?

Cost Savings

A robust and complete platform at a fraction of the cost of the other platforms.

Mobile App

Experience a branded app and customizable web portal at no extra cost.

Customer Success

Our customer success team sets high goals to make sure you are never waiting to hurdle any obstacle.

Group 19

CourtReserve is our all in one management system. We are able to book all of our programs, track our financials and communicate via email with all of our clients. The mobile app is off the charts and a favorite of our staff and clients.

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Steve Newby

Vice President