Social Media Tips for Tennis and Pickleball Clubs

Social Media Tips for Tennis and Pickleball Clubs

Social media is one of the most powerful strategies for building a local community-based business. Have you thought about how social media could increase your revenue and followers and secure potential customers? There are 95 million posts that are shared on Instagram each day. Three hundred million photos are shared on Facebook each day. Five hundred million tweets are shared each day.

Finding the right social media platform for your club or organization is significant. Your target audience will determine your most beneficial platform. If you have a club of ages 60+, you will likely not use Instagram or Twitter; Facebook may be a better option. If you have a training facility for young teens and adults, Instagram may be your best option. Understanding your club’s demographic will help you find the right channel. You will get more interactions by using the appropriate platform and implementing hashtags.

Hashtags are the second most crucial part of growing a social media account. When scrolling through social media, whatever post or video you interact with, the algorithm will automatically take those hashtags and show you more posts related to those hashtags on your feed. For example, a tennis club may post a video of a significant tennis ball rally during one of the player lessons that day. That tennis club needs to implement hashtags for that specific tennis audience. If you put #tennisrally or #besttennispointever, tennis players and fans will be likelier to see it. In addition to target audiences, you want to expand the possibility to just tennis fans, especially if it is the best tennis point ever. You can use hashtags such as #viralvideo #instagramreels #funnyvideo, even if it may not be that funny. You can also use hashtags for local businesses and community publicity so more local people can start seeing your posts.

Posting high-quality videos and pictures will also be vital to growing your social media following. Take the time and effort to make sure it is visibly appealing and easy to understand. The more information you give in the post, the more interaction you will get and a follow.

Players at your club can see your information posted on social media, like a highlight from a tournament or essential information regarding court conditions and lessons. Other players and admins may also come across your page and see you have mutual followers and the same interest and may follow you. Following people, in general, is a great way to grow your followers. When you follow someone, they will most likely follow you back.

The more followers you have, the more publicity you receive. More advertising may invite new members or guests to your facility to see what the talk is about. Ultimately, all these things working together will increase revenue for your club or business. It’s always possible to create a social media account, step out of your comfort zone, and get creative. Contact us at so we can help manage your club while you manage your social media!

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