Tennis Elbow Exercises to Relieve Pain


Sometimes it is the most simple of injuries that can ruin a good game of tennis. Tennis elbow is a common scourge of the tennis courts, but it isn’t unbeatable.

With some solid tennis elbow exercises, and easing up on constant tennis practice, will put you clean on the road to recovery. Tennis is a game to keep you healthy, after all!

Knowing the right exercises and techniques to cure this common problem is key towards keeping your game at its top. Read on for all you need to know about tennis elbow.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis. It occurs when the tendons within the arm swell. This is often focused right around the forearm and elbow, thus the name.

The main cause of tennis elbow comes from excessive gripping with a favored arm, like with how you hold a tennis racket. It isn’t impossible to avoid tennis elbow, but it also is not hard to deal with.

The exercises below are simple tasks that can help ease the pain of tennis elbow.

The Best Tennis Elbow Exercises

Follow the instructions on each of thee exercises to start your tennis elbow relief. A few solid reps of each will be all you need. If the swelling and pain do not let up, contact a doctor.

1. Wrist Turn

First, bend your elbow at a right angle and extend that hand outwards, palm facing up. Now, twist the wrist in a slow and gradual manner until the palm is facing down.

Hold that position or 5 seconds and then repeat nine more times. Doing one or two sets of 10 is a great start. You can add weight to help stretch the muscles if you’d like.

2. Wrist Lift With Palm Up

Grip a small weight in your hand, like a small dumbbell. With your elbow at a right angle, bend your wrist upwards toward your body. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then repeat.

Again, aim for a few sets at reps of 10.

3. Elbow Bend

Start by standing straight up with your arm to the side. Then bend your elbow so your arm comes upwards and touches your shoulder. Hold this position for up to 30 seconds.

Reps of 10 are best for this, but continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

4. Wrist Extensor Stretch and Flex

Extend your arm out in front of your body. With your palm facing down, bend your wrist downwards. Take your other hand and pull your downwards facing hand towards your body. This is the wrist extensor stretch.

Be gentle and hold this position for up to 30 seconds. Next, do the same position but bend your wrist upwards. This is the wrist extensor flex.

Do about 3 reps of each position for 30 seconds each.

5. Fist Squeeze

For the fist squeeze, find a ball or a bunched up towel. Place it in the affected hand and squeeze as if you were trying to form a fist. Do this for 10 seconds and then repeat 9 more times for a rep of 10.

Good Health for Good Games

These tennis elbow exercises are simple and easy ways to keep your tendons happy and healthy. You can also do these exercises in response to the first sign of flare-ups or even before them they happen for preventative care.

For more tennis news and tips, we here at Court Reserve are at the top of the game. Schedule a call with us for more advice!

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