Top Reasons To Never Play Pickleball

Top Reasons To Never Play Pickleball

Pickleball is the newest craze in sports. People of all ages around the world are learning about, playing, and enjoying this sport. Here are the top reasons to never play pickleball – – don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Your phone contact list will read like a congressional bill. It will be long, some may say unnecessarily long, but they don’t know pickleball. Pickleball is an amazingly social sport. You will instantly gain friends because you are constantly playing with new people. The number of new friends you make may be so overwhelming you may just need to reorganize your contacts.  Pro Tip: Start naming people with their paddle brand names to keep them straight: e.g. Tammy Selkirk or Bob Tempr.


A huge reason to never pick up a pickleball paddle is so words like “dink” and “banger” do not dominate your conversations. No one wants to accidentally slip up at work and hear about the multiple dinks you accomplished last night at the courts.  You can imagine all the ways banger could go wrong.  Your most frequent vocabulary will definitely change and who wants that?  Best to just stay away.


You could lose weight and have to buy new clothes. You will actually be getting exercise by playing pickleball which in turn will have you drinking more water and feeling better. This will cause you to watch what you eat and drink in turn making you feel like you can play more and more pickleball. Your natural adrenaline from sunshine and exercise will cause you to smile and laugh which could alert your family and friends to an entirely new side of you they have never seen before. This could cause them to want to spend more time with you.  Who has time to deal with all these positive changes?  By all means, stay far, far away from pickleball.


You will spend more money on sports equipment than your cable tv bill. If you play pickleball you will be at the courts for hours on end laughing and getting exercise while your poor couch cushions are lonely and waiting for your return. This in turn will cause you to rethink your additional movie channels all together and have you canceling your platinum package. If this continues you and your pickleball friends could be the entire collapse of the television industry as we know it today.  Who wants that kind of pressure and responsibility?


Pickleball really seems to be a possible life changing event so proceed with caution if you decide to try out this sport.  If things like a real community of people to call your friends, cool insider lingo, positive health benefits, less money spent on mindless entertainment and more spent investing in your own health and well being, then it might just be for you.  However, if you want to stay as far away from those things as possible, you should never play pickleball.  If you need help running your pickleball facility or pickleball club let us help! CourtReserve can help those who just couldn’t stay away from this amazing sport!


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