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Tennis Warm Up: 3 Stretches To Do Before Your Next Match

It’s no secret that keeping an active lifestyle has plenty of benefits. Getting involved in a sport, like tennis, is good for your health at several levels. People interested in doing well will often look to a trainer for help. However, it’s important that you know how to help your prospective tennis students perform at their best.…

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Sports Nutrition: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy for the Court

Now more than ever, it’s essential that athletes worldwide take the steps necessary to keep themselves healthy and in tip-top shape for competition. Staying healthy means more than exercising every day and has more to do with sports nutrition than you think. If you’ve been looking for some sure-fire nutrition tips, then you’re in the…

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Tennis Drills for Kids: A Beginners Guide

Does your child have too much energy to spare during the day? If so, introduce your child to some fun tennis games. Tennis is a wonderful ball sport to introduce to your kid. If they fall in love with the game and become excellent players, they can grab big opportunities. They may even break Roger…

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The Battle between Tennis and Pickleball

The Battle between tennis and pickleball R1

I have been a tennis player for years. My brother and I used to spend weekends on the local high school courts. We got more exercise by chasing balls than actually playing points. Over the years my husband and I joined a club, took some lessons, and eventually got enough skill to play some USTA…

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