What Age Should Kids Start Playing Tennis?


Approximately 2.14 million children aged 6-12 play tennis, as do 2.23 million children aged 13-17.

Has your child expressed an interest in playing tennis? Are you unsure of whether or not they’re old enough to learn?

There’s not one appropriate age for a child to start learning tennis. There are a few things you need to take into account before you decide if it’s time for your child to pick up a racquet.

Listed below are some things you ought to consider if you’re on the fence about letting them play.

When Do Most Kids Start Playing?

Middle childhood (between ages six and eight) is generally considered to be a good time for kids to start learning how to play tennis.

At this point, they tend to experience improved balancing abilities. They also have an easier time judging the speed of objects and other children.

If your child is around this age, they’ll probably be able to handle playing tennis without many — if any — problems.

Some children are ready to start when they’re younger, though. Even kids as young as four can sometimes show an aptitude for the game.

Can They Handle the Basic Skills of the Game?

Whether your child falls into the age group around which most kids start playing tennis or is a bit younger or older, there are some other questions you might want to ask before signing them up.

For example, you should consider whether or not they can handle (or will soon be able to handle) the basic skills that tennis requires. This includes the following skills:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Maintaining their balance

Your child doesn’t have to be totally proficient in all these skills. That’s what lessons are for, after all. If they can’t manage them at all, though, it might be too early for them to start learning tennis.

Do They Have a Long Enough Attention Span?

Consider your child’s attention span, too.

Children are notorious for having short attention spans, so it’s not necessary that they are able to hold still and focus for hours on end. They ought to be able to hold still long enough to listen to instructions, though.

When teaching children tennis, coaches often use a variety of games and activities to keep them engaged.

If your child is too young to understand the rules of these games or listen to their coach, you might want to wait a little while before enrolling them in lessons.

Is Your Child Ready to Start Learning Tennis?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider before deciding whether your child can handle tennis lessons.

After answering these questions, do you think it’s a good time for your child to start learning tennis?

If they’re able to pay attention (at least for short periods of time) and handle basic skills of the game, there’s no reason not to at least let them give the game a try.

If your child is ready to get started, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get registered and find a place for them to start practicing.

They’ll be ready for Wimbledon before you know it!

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