5 Effective Recruitment Ideas To Grow Your Tennis Club Memberships

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Playing tennis can improve many aspects of your life from brainpower to heart health.

So why are there still empty courts at your club?

In this article, we’ll look at five recruitment ideas to help you get more locals swinging a racket.

1. Open Days for Current Members’ Friends and Family

If your members are happy with your club, they’ll help you spread the word about it.

Why not try hosting a free open day with fun activities and classes? Encourage your members to bring friends and family.

These visitors will hopefully enjoy their day so much that they sign up too!

2. Build a Website and Grow Your Social Media Presence

If your club isn’t on social media or you haven’t got a website, you’re making it hard for new recruits to find you. So step one is setting both of those up.

Next, take a look at how you market yourself online. When someone types “where to play tennis in…” does your website come up on top?

If not, start working on building a professional website, then improve your search engine optimization strategy.

Next, build up a following on social media. Ask your current members to follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Advertise Your Tennis Club at Sporting Events

Don’t forget to advertise at local sporting events (professional or semi-professional). These are great places to find members, as the people who go to watch are already sports fans – they just need a little extra nudge!

After watching professionals all day they should be all fired up to have a go themselves.

Set up a stall or give something away for free. For example, business cards, flyers, or maybe something more interesting like strawberries and cream.

4. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re finding that potential members are hesitant to sign up, try offering a money-back guarantee.

Give each customer three visits on a ‘no commitment’ basis. If they’re not interested after that, they can get their money back.

This will help encourage new members to sign up as they have nothing to lose.

5. Create a Fun Atmosphere

Simply having courts and rackets available isn’t enough. You need to nurture a fun atmosphere that all your members will enjoy.

Why not try hosting events such as a “Wimbledon Weekend” with competitions and English food? Or hold once a week group training sessions so that members can get to know each other better.

Speak to Current Members for Recruitment Ideas

Still struggling with recruitment ideas? Speak to your current members to find out what they think could be improved.

Try out every suggestion you’re offered from putting up posters in town to starting an email campaign.

When new members sign up, make sure to have a “where you heard about us” section in your sign up form. Identify the method which attracts the most members and pay extra attention to it.

When your business is booming, you can start working on spicing up your tennis games!

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