5 Reasons To Book Pickleball For Your Team Building Event

5 Reasons To Book Pickleball For Your Team Building Event|

Are you getting tired of staying home all of the time? Do you feel like you are losing face-time with your employees or co-workers?

It is definitely a strange time, with as much as 70% of Americans working from home during the pandemic. So, you may be wondering when you will ever share a cup of coffee with co-workers again or get to talk by the water cooler?

Well, even without an office, there are still ways that team building can be done. One of the best ways, especially for these times, is pickleball.

Here is why.

1. It Is COVID Protocol Friendly

Most of us know the drill by now. Masks up and staying six feet apart, at least if you are not vaccinated. Well, pickleball can transcend that here, as it is very friendly and safe for these protocols.

Pickleball in normal circumstances requires the distance between each player as it is. And, it is easy to enforce this between opposite teams or even opposite companies with everyone staying on their side of the court.

2. It Tests Teamwork

Pickleball is mainly a 2-person team going up against another. So, it requires people to be able to work as part of a team and is one of the best team building ideas.

This may be a good opportunity to pair people together that may not work as well together in an office. Learning how to work together in a sport can transcend off of the court and allow teams to figure out how to work together better in an office.

A company is always faced with problems to solve. Now, pickleball can be a low-stakes way to test out how a pair will solve those problems.

3. It Tests Communication

When two people are working together, they usually have to talk to each other to be able to get anything done. Pickleball is no different, with partners having to communicate to be able to figure out the proper ways to score points and win.

Communication leads to success. It also leads to a happier and more proactive work environment, with people feel like the goals and directions are clear.

4. It Is Healthy

Pickleball is not only good for team building benefits, but also for individual benefits. One of the most important things that people need to watch is their health.

This sport is proven to be healthy for people to participate in. It can increase your morale, can provide natural vitamins if played outdoors, increase your energy, and even reduce the risk of a heart attack.

5. It Is Fun

This may sound obvious, but pickleball is a fun activity that can get you out of the office or your work environment. Sometimes, you need to see people outside of a work environment that may be tense or all business in order to get to know them better.

Pickleball can be that outlet, as it is a low-stakes sport that is away from your usual company atmosphere that makes it one of the best team building events.

Start Team Building Today

Are you an employee that wants to play more sports with co-workers? Are you a director that feels more employees need a way to bond and have fun?

Register here with a FREE 30-day trial account to find out more about how pickleball can be the perfect team building sport for you.

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