Social Sports: Why Tennis and Pickleball are Great to Play During Covid-19 in 2021

Social Sports: Why Tennis and Pickleball are Great to Play During Covid-19 in 2021

Did you know that a lack of strong relationships can raise your risk of dying prematurely by 50%? That’s right, close relationships with friends aren’t just good for your happiness, they’re critical for your health. The irony of life during the Covid-19 pandemic is that spending time with others can actually threaten our health. Close contact can raise your risk of getting Covid-19. So, what’s a person to do? Enter social sports like tennis and pickleball.

Read on to learn how sports with social distance built in are great to play during Covid-19.

It Gets You Outdoors

Spending time outside can boost your mental health, give you access to fresh air, and gets you a dose of vitamin D. It also gives you an energizing boost.

That said, some days it’s harder to make time for a walk or a leisurely lunch outside. It’s especially tough if your kids are doing school from home or you have a desk job.

Scheduling a game of pickleball or tennis with a friend will encourage you to build outdoor time into your schedule. Plus, you’ll have accountability since you’re meeting someone.

It Gives You Safe Face-to-Face Interaction with Others

Between Zoom meetings for work and virtual happy hours with friends, most of your interaction with other people probably happens online. While this is better than nothing, it’s still no replacement for seeing people in person.

Playing pickleball or tennis is a safe way to see friends in person without getting too close.

The CDC recommends staying at least 6 feet away from people you don’t live with for Covid-19 safety. Thanks to the nature of tennis and pickleball courts, you’ll already be practicing social distancing.

It’s a Good Workout

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept many of us indoors and in front of a computer for long periods of time. That’s made finding the motivation to exercise more difficult.

It’s become more of a challenge to play sports during Covid, but scheduling a game with a friend makes you more likely to get in a workout.

Pickleball and tennis both use a paddle or racket which will improve your arm strength. You’ll also need to jog to catch loose balls which will help strengthen your joints and muscles.

It’s also an aerobic workout that will strengthen your heart and boost your blood flow. During a game you’ll also burn calories which can help you lose weight.

It Exercises Your Brain

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. The same routine each day doesn’t offer much stimulation for the brain. You might feel less sharp than you used to.

Social sports provide the perfect solution. In a game of tennis or pickleball, you’re thinking about game strategy, hand-eye coordination, and building spatial awareness. You’re exercising your brain as much as your body.

Plus, the change in scenery and routine will give your brain a chance to make new neural connections.

Try Playing Social Sports with Friends

Social sports like tennis and pickleball provide a safe way to socialize during Covid-19. It can also boost your brain health, your physical health, and encourage you to spend time outdoors.

If you’re looking to bring people to your tennis or pickleball courts, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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