5 Tennis Tips for Beginners


There’s a big difference between understanding the rules of tennis and learning how to play well. Once you go from the stands to the court, it’s a whole other ball game.

Whether you’re taking on the turf in a singles match or playing doubles, you have to be prepared for all the challenges ahead. To play your best game possible, use the tennis tips below.

1. Always Follow Through

The fundamental part of learning how to play tennis is getting used to each of the swings. You have to get comfortable with using your forehand and work on putting the same amount of power on your backhand.

Whatever kind of motion you’re doing, though, you have to remember to follow through! Some beginner tennis players won’t complete their full range of motion on a swing. This hinders the amount of force you can put on the ball.

Stop doing things halfway if you really want to know how to get better at tennis. A little more focus on your swing can create incredible results.

2. Recover, Recover, Recover

As important as it is to swing the whole way through, you have to focus on the next movement, too. Don’t just stand there and admire your accuracy or force behind a swing. Move!

Recovering in tennis means to go back to your starting position. You have to go from sending a full swing over the net right back to receiving the next swing that comes your way.

3. Know How to Set up a Proper Serve

A serve is what sets all the swings of each point in motion. Contrary to popular belief, though, of all tennis tips, there’s not one that says you have to give a serve all you’ve got.

Most professional players focus on the position of their serve rather than the brute force behind it. They follow through, of course, but not just to see how hard they can hit.

Be more like them. Work on your placement and overall strategy rather than trying to win a match by power alone.

4. Find Your Rhythm

Speaking of strategy, do your best to find your go-to swings. These will help you create a rhythm on the court. It’s part of what sets the new players apart from their more advanced tennis opponents.

Once you’ve been playing for a little while, you know what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. You become less scrappy and more focused. The sooner you do this, the better.

5. Learn to Spot Weaknesses

Just as you need to learn to play your strengths, you have to know how to spot your opponent’s weaknesses, too. The next time you’re in a match, try to figure out the other person’s pattern before they figure out yours.

The swings they’re avoiding are the ones they can’t hit as well. Try to place the ball in a way that forces them to come up and volley or switch to a backhand. This may be the difference between winning more matches or losing once again.

Take These Tennis Tips to the Court

Ready to see what these tennis tips can do for your game? Stop waiting around and researching tennis tips for beginners and get out there!

Good luck!

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