5 Top Tennis Workouts to Ace Your Form and Fitness on the Court

5 Top Tennis Workouts to Ace Your Form and Fitness on the Court

Did you know that there are 17.9 million tennis players in the United States? That is a lot of tennis being played on courts across the country. Are you one of those millions of tennis players or tennis club owners looking to up your fitness for the court?

If you are looking to build up your stamina and form while you’re on the tennis court we have some tips for you. Here are five go-to tennis workouts to try on and off of the court. Keep reading to improve your game.

1. Sprints Backwards and Forwards

As a tennis player or club director, you know it is important to be able to move backward and forwards quickly during a match. A great tennis exercise is to practice this motion in sprints. You can do this drill on or off the court.

If you do your sprints on the court, consider standing in your normal spot and working your way forward and backward as fast as you can without losing control. Control is essential because during a game it doesn’t matter how fast you make it to the ball unless you can control it.

2. Strength Training Tennis Gym Workout

Strength training is a great way to cross-train off the tennis court. Lifting weights is a good way to tone your muscles and get stronger. Using free weights and weight machines you can target specific parts of the body that you want to improve on.

Remember to work on both your upper and lower body while strength training in the gym. This will improve your overall body composition and performance on the tennis court.

3. Lateral Lunges

Lateral lunges are an important exercise in tennis workouts. You can do these lunges with or without extra free weight. By working on your lateral lunge movements you will improve your bending range of motion.

Lateral mobility is everything on the tennis court. This exercise will target your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

4. Quick Feet Drills

In tennis, it is important to be fast on your feet. A great tennis workout that can be done anywhere is a quick feet drill. In a quick feet drill, you can use lines, an agility ladder, or just your body to move your feet as quick as you possibly can.

From lateral shuffles to high knees a quick feet drill will help with skill and endurance. You will definitely break a sweat during your quick feet drills if you are doing them properly.

5. Abdominal Work

Abdominal work, or core work, is crucial in strengthening your tennis form. These exercises can include crunches, twists, leg lifts, sit-ups, planks, and many more. A strong core will help to keep you stable during your tennis matches.

Start Your Tennis Workouts Today

Now that you’ve learned the five tennis workouts to ace your form, it’s time to try them on the court. If you’re ready to up your tennis game and the tennis game of your clients contact us today.

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