6 Things to Look For in Court Reservation Software

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Reservations might be the most troublesome aspect of a tennis club.

Confusions are bound to arise, but your software should take care of organization for you, shouldn’t it? it all comes down to buying the right software. If you’re looking for a change, read on to discover ways to improve your automated reservation system.

6 Things to Look for in Reservation Software

You can avoid problems by planning ahead and researching the right software. Look for these things in your next purchase.

1. First Come, First Serve

Depending on the volume of people and the demand for your courts, having a first come first, first serve system may be what you need. These systems are effective if you don’t have reservations booked out days in advance and people typically come in the day have to find a court.

2. Use a Lottery

If you’re clients book courts out weeks in advance and you’re having difficulty distributing the courts out evenly, try a lottery system. With names being pulled out at random, there is no chance for politics coming into play.

People get the slot that they get, and that’s that.

3. Booking Windows

Certain courts and certain times are bound to be more popular than others. Modern reservation technology can adjust the rates assigned to different courts at different times. This will effortlessly allow you to maximize the profit that you can get from your best courts.

This may take a little time to feel out what prices people will pay for your courts, but will ultimately streamline your profits.

4. Reservation Displays

Depending on the size and scope of your establishment, your clients may be lounging in different areas while waiting for their turn to play. If this is the case, consider presenting digital displays that show who is next, what place in line they have, and which court they’re going to utilize.

5. Utilize Integrated Billing

To make your courts flow more easily, streamline your time-frames by eliminating waiting in line. Allow people to schedule and pay online, coming in and entering the court immediately.

6. Electronic Identification

Using key cards or swiped-IDs will allow your members to enter the courts with a swipe of the card, only getting in if they are the person scheduled at that time. This will take away any possibility of a conflict over the court, and allow anyone scheduled to easily enter the establishment.

The ultimate goal is to have the courts operate almost independently, allowing people to come and go as they please. This leaves you a lot of time and energy to focus on the more important elements of the business. While the costs of these systems may be significant, the investment will pay off in the long run.

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