7 Tennis Essentials that Every Player Should Keep in Their Tennis Bag


Tennis is a game of determination, physical stamina, and preparedness. Not-to-mention the right type of kit which is totally make-or-break for the type of game you play.

While the world of recreational tennis is completely different from that of the professionals we watch on television, the game itself is no different. Whether you’re a pro or a social player, here are the tennis essentials that you should always bring with you to the court…

7 Tennis Essentials For Your Best Game Yet

In all honesty, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to a tennis match. Even if you think your tennis bag looks a little OTT, you’ll probably end up being the one handing out supplies mid-match.

For now, here are 7 basic essentials to have in your tennis back at all times:

1. An Additional Tennis Racquet

In case you didn’t know it, it’s common to buy tennis racquets in pairs and carry them in pairs whenever you participate in a tennis match.

Just like going out for a long cycle, you wouldn’t leave the house without a spare tire, would you? The same principle applies to your tennis racquet.

You should be equally comfortable playing with both racquets and should switch between them from one match to the next to acquaint yourself better. A spare racquet is also essential in case you snap a string mid-match.

2. Fuel For Your Body

Don’t underestimate the stamina that it takes to make it through a full tennis match. So for this, you’ll need plenty of fuel to help you through. Water is also vital in order to avoid dehydration which can quietly creep up on without even realizing it.

In order to refuel during your breaks pack your bag with energy-packed snacks such as bananas, nuts, protein bars, and an energy drink. Always bring a spare bottle or two with electrolyte-infused water, as well!

3. Tennis Racquet Overgrips

Is there anything worse than playing with an overly worn-out grip on your tennis racquet? It can be uncomfortable, slippery, cause blisters and cost you your game!

Racquet overgrips should be changed regularly and even mid-match if necessary for a more comfortable match.

4. A Tennis Hat and SPF

There’s no use in playing a game of tennis if you can’t see the ball! Make sure you have adequate sun protection in your tennis bad, including a tennis peak and a decent SPF.

Tennis matches can take hours, so protect your face and skin properly by being prepared.

5. Dampeners

Many well-seasoned tennis players perform at their best with a dampener to reduce the vibration of the racquet in their hands.

If you’re accustomed to playing with a dampener, the last thing you want is to lose it mid-match. Make sure you’re carrying a spare one in your bag on the rare occasion your dampener is flung into oblivion, never to be found again!

6. Bandages

Band-Aids and bandages are essential for any tennis bag. Playing with an exposed blister on either your hands or feet can be complete agony, especially if you’re playing a tournament. The pain can also be very distracting and affect your performance. So keep those bandages handy.

7. Extra Tennis balls

Avoid compromising the quality of your match because you’ve somehow run out of tennis balls and have to play with worn-out alternatives.

Ensure you always have an extra sleeve of tennis balls in your bag so that you can resume a decent quality tennis match. The added bonus? You also get to play with a tennis ball brand you’re familiar with – an added advantage over your competition!

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