Creating the perfect onboarding experience for your tennis & pickleball club

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The perfect onboarding experience for new members joining your tennis & pickleball club is all about ease. 

When members are signing up to your club, they’ve probably only got one thing on their mind – getting out there on a court and using all your great facilities. 

The sooner they can complete the onboarding process, the sooner they can get playing. 

So how do you create that faster, smoother, seamless player onboarding experience?

1. Show your new member around your club

The first step in any onboarding experience is to take your new member on a tour of your club, showcasing all your facilities, explaining any procedures and making them feel at home. 

But if your staff have to oversee a reception desk, answer phones and deal with enquiries, you might not have the time or capacity to do a showaround. 

With club management software like CourtReserve, existing members can book courts and events, manage their membership and schedule lessons without needing to stop by reception or call up your team— freeing up time for your staff to help onboard new members. 

2. Ditch the paperwork and sign up online

Completing paperwork in your club is time-consuming and inefficient. Paperwork can easily get misplaced, leading to issues down the line with memberships. 

For a smoother onboarding experience, use software that manages all your members’ details online. 

That way, your new member can sign up quickly straight from their own device. They could enter their details on their own time at home, or they could register on their phone then and there, so they’re ready to hit the courts in minutes. 

3. Automate membership payments

Setting up memberships and organizing payments can often be a roadblock in the onboarding process, but it doesn’t need to be. 

With CourtReserve’s member management platform, it’s quick and easy to collect member payment details. They can be set up and customized any way you want, linked to other members as part of a family membership, and automated to take payments on whatever day you or your member would like. 

It gives your members flexibility and means they don’t need to worry about sorting future payments. It’s all handled automatically. Much quicker, much smoother and a much more positive experience.

4. Integrate player skills and ranking

Another way to deliver a great onboarding experience is to encourage new members to add details about their playing level, their skills and ranking, directly to their profile. 

That way, from the moment they’re signed up, they can be matched with players, tournaments and events that best fit their abilities and interests. 
If they’re Pickleball players, they could even link their DUPR ratings with their membership, thanks to CourtReserve’s DUPR integration.

5. Share a link to the CourtReserve mobile app

The next stage of any seamless onboarding plan is to give your members access to all the scheduling, booking and payment tools they need, all in the palm of their hand. 

With CourtReserve’s mobile app, your members can quickly make reservations, check in to lessons and events, and pay any court or tournament fees. 

Straight away, your member is immersed in your tennis and pickleball club’s ecosystem and can start fully experiencing all your facilities. 

6. Automatically notify new members of free court times

One common problem with any member onboarding process is that it leaves new members to figure out the next steps for themselves. It doesn’t engage members or encourage them to get started and get involved. 

Advanced notifications address that problem instantly. Fully customizable, you can use them as part of your onboarding process to prompt new members with free court times, so they can make a booking right after they sign up.

Or, use them to promote lessons with your club pros or upcoming events, further ways to encourage your new members to get involved and participate in all the activities you have at your club. 

Whether it’s push notifications, texts or emails, they’ll all help you keep members fully engaged and fully grateful for all the prompts and suggestions. 

The perfect member onboarding process. 

Find out how CourtReserve can help your tennis and pickleball club deliver a seamless onboarding experience for every member

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