Elevate Your Club’s Engagement with CourtReserve’s Dynamic Communication Suite

Elevate Your Club’s Engagement with CourtReserve’s Dynamic Communication Suite

So, you’ve launched your club (congrats!). But what now? How can club owners build and cultivate loyal relationships with their members and players? Modern communication methods–like emails, text messages, push notifications, and global announcements–are vital for ensuring you’re actively engaged with your club’s community. CourtReserve’s communication tools enable you to stay in constant and direct interaction with members, allowing you to foster member engagement, create thriving communities, and elevate visibility in a competitive landscape!

Our high-powered communications suite not only ensures seamless operational updates, but also offers a built-in marketing tool, allowing club owners to strategically promote their business and drive foot traffic into their facilities. With these solutions, clubs can make announcements, advertise upcoming events and tournaments, offer exclusive promotions and provide real-time updates/reminders on all bookings to their players. 

Text Messages

CourtReserve’s Text Message alerts are a game-changer for club owners who desire a modern, direct approach to immediately engage with members. In this digital age, most people prefer to communicate through texts over phone calls, so this method is a surefire way to know a player will check your messages in a timely manner.

Consider Text Messages for promoting last-minute offers, flash promotions, or limited-time discounts that require immediate attention and invite members to quickly take action!

Push Notifications

With the CourtReserve mobile app (available for download in Apple and Android stores), Push Notifications offer customers real-time communication. With this dynamic feature, club owners can instantly send updates, reminders, and short, impactful messages that redirect members back to the CourtReserve app where they can explore what’s happening at your facility or even book!

Like text messages, they’re a great feature to use in scenarios where immediate action is desired, such as promoting a last-minute announcement or a spontaneous event, too.


Can’t say it all in a short text or push notification? Then Emails are a versatile communication method to explore! Emails empower clubs with the platform to share detailed information with more context and vibrant images. Consider emails for focused announcements highlighting one single event, promotion, or news update at your facility OR create a more comprehensive, longer-form newsletter that showcases engaging content and club updates all-around.

CourtReserve also offers automated reminder and confirmation emails to streamline your club’s management, reduce no-shows, and enhance overall player satisfaction through a seamless reservation experience.

Global Announcements

CourtReserve’s Global Announcements empowers clubs to communicate important updates, news, and events directly on their club’s Member Portal, which can be viewed on a web-browser or the CourtReserve mobile app. This amazing tool allows for tailored messages to be shared with online visitors and/or logged-in members for shorter or longer durations. 

The easily visible interface of CourtReserve’s Member Portal efficiently brings awareness to your club’s news with this feature, fostering member engagement and keeping everyone informed with a red dot indicator on the Welcome Page or Announcements section.

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