Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Court Reservation Systems

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Court Reservation Systems|

23% more Americans are playing tennis in 2021. Why?

Tennis is one of the safest sports to play in the midst of a weaning pandemic. Tennis is a no-contact sport, with more than six feet of distance between players and separate courts for each team.

With the rise in players and increased need for safety measures, tennis court reservations systems are more important than ever. If you’ve been considering a court reservation system for your club, keep reading.

We’ll explain what you need to know and why the CourtReserve app can boom your business.

What Is a Tennis Court Reservation System?

A tennis court reservation system is a database or application that enables court owners to manage court schedules and players to conveniently book courts.

One of the greatest benefits of a court reservation system, like CourtReserve, is that it is contactless. Which is especially important during Covid. More than that, court reservations improve customer retention and staff satisfaction by simplifying the entire reservation process.

With one tool, club members, staff, courts, clinics, and private lessons can all be managed and scheduled. Keep reading to learn the benefits of installing an affordable reservation system like CourtReserve.

Benefits of a Court Reservation System

Tennis court reservations take the headache out of reserving a court. Learn how your club or park can benefit.

For Your Club

Many clubs have an outdated reservation system that is frustrating to players. If you still operate a phone reservation system, you could be missing big business.

Players are less likely to book a court when they need to call. We live in a digital age. An app provides features a traditional phone call can’t.

A player can book a court and easily compare all the times available with their schedule. It saves them a lot of time. Additionally, if something comes up, a player can easily cancel or reschedule a court.

Members can easily complete their payments online, too. This means your staff can focus on coaching tennis and not answering phones to collect payment.

This flexibility means more reservations, which means more revenue.

For a Park

Park tennis courts are usually first-come, first-serve. This policy has led to confusion and disputes amongst players.

Some players might stay on the same court for hours, leaving eager tennis players on standby, or ultimately getting frustrated and never returning. They deem the courts “busy.”

A reservation system at a park, even if free, will ensure playing time is guaranteed and fair. This will generate more traffic to your park and more opportunities for business and happy residents.

Game, Set- Match Your Members and Courts

A tennis court reservation system is a lifesaver. And you can book every hour of your day. Members and staff no longer have to inquire about court availability.

You’ll never have an empty court and will maximize your bottom line. Interested in a no-risk court reservation free trial? Click the link to schedule a call with us today to learn more and see a demo.

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