How to Make the Most of Lessons with a Private Tennis or Pickleball Coach

How to Make the Most of Lessons with a Private Tennis or Pickleball

A study on private music lessons found that the cost of private lessons balanced out through great rewards. For every $1 spent on private training, music students receive $0.11 in scholarships.

Basically, people pursuing a skill largely found the reward to be worth it, but does that translate to sports?

Surely, most of us have heard about or considered one-on-one training, whether for strength exercising, individual sports, or team sports. A private tennis  or pickleball coach, in particular, may be a worthwhile consideration if you’re trying to hone your game.

Private lessons don’t automatically mean you’ll become a pro player, though. So, today, we’re going to show you the best ways to make the most out of your private lessons!

The Benefits of a Private Coach for Tennis and Pickleball

If you’re looking to be the next Serena Williams, you’re probably going to need a little help getting there.

A private lesson with a coach is great because they’re educators as well as skilled players. Educators need to have certain skills, such as mentoring and lesson planning.

They’ll be well equipped to demonstrate moves in an understandable way and create engaging exercises through lesson plans.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to make the most out of your tennis or pickleball lesson, though.

1. Get Pumped

Lessons for beginners should be an exciting thing. Therefore, you need to consciously get yourself pumped and prepared for what’s to come.

This means you should aim to reserve lesson times that are agreeable for you. Do you need to start your day bright and early? Reserve early lesson times!

Then again, maybe you’re a night owl who gets their energy later on in the day. No matter what makes you tick, make sure you’re pumped and ready to go for each lesson.

2. Be Active

We’re not just talking about being physically active in the sport. Instead, we mean that you need to be actively engaged in your own private lesson.

You may think that because you’re learning from a pro, you can just sit back and soak in the information… No!

You need to be an active participant. Ask any and all questions you may have, and make suggestions if you feel there is something that works better for you.

Work with your instructor rather than be a passive participant.

3. Do Your Homework

This may not be grade school, but you still need to do your homework.

That might include watching tennis matches, pickleball videos, studying professional players, and reading books. Lessons are great, but your pursuit of the perfect backhand shouldn’t end there.

4. Push Yourself

You may have the hardest coach in the world but still not be pushing yourself to the limits. We’re not saying you have to treat this like you’re in the military, but you know your own limits.

If you’re not being pushed, then how are you going to grow or get better? If you feel your private lessons are too easy, then make that clear. Ask for a challenge and you’ll find better results in the end.

Enhance Private Lessons Through Automation

Sports can be a number of things to different people. It could be something you do for fun in your backyard with friends or a serious sport that you pursue and grow in.

Regardless of what you want to get out of it, a private coach may be the ticket to help get you there. Automating private lessons through reservations, integrated payments, and convenient apps can make a world of difference.

Feel free to browse our pricing plans to see which bracket works best for your needs!

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