More Reasons to Play: The Surprising Health Benefits of Tennis

More Reasons to Play: The Surprising Health Benefits of Tennis

There are a reported 87 million tennis players in the world. You will often find these people playing on one of the 490,000 tennis courts across the earth.

With that said, there are still many people who unfortunately steer clear of tennis for fear of sustaining an injury. The common ailment, lateral epicondylitis (also known as “tennis elbow”) doesn’t help the cause. However, not only is tennis relatively safe to play and a ton of fun, there are also many health benefits to tennis.

Interested in learning more? Keep on reading and we’ll walk you through the top health benefits of tennis that you need to know about!

1. Supports Heart Health

Any kind of aerobic exercise is going to strengthen the heart. Chasing runaway balls, running up and down the court, and jumping for the perfect swing are all going to increase your heart rate as you play tennis.

When your heart rate increases, your breathing will become faster and deeper. This will increase the blood flow and oxygen throughout your body.

And all of this is going to help to strengthen your cardiovascular system. This will prevent the risk of heart disease and help extend your life expectancy.

2. Aids Weight Loss

When you engage in physical activities like tennis, you won’t just strengthen your heart but you can end up losing weight too. When you perform aerobic activities, you use up more energy and burn a lot of calories. You can combine regular tennis sessions with a healthy diet in order to achieve a healthy weight.

3. Increases Range of Motion

The broad movements involved in playing tennis, such as reaching and swinging, are a great way to increase your range of motion. These stretching, dynamic motions will strengthen tendons and muscles and lubricate your joints. However, if you’re only just starting out with the game, then you’ll want to work your way up to these movements to prevent injury.

Before you play tennis, it’s crucial that you stretch and warm-up. You should move your joints through their normal range of motion in order to get the blood flowing. You especially want to warm up your back, knees, and shoulders.

4. Improves Balance

In order to succeed at tennis, you’re going to need to have good balance. By using a racquet, you’ll be training your body to maintain equilibrium while you serve and hit with a long extension of the arm.

The Importance of Knowing About the Health Benefits of Tennis

There’s a lot of reasons to play the game of tennis. It’s communal, exciting, and competitive. It also encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience.

And by knowing the health benefits of tennis, you now have even more reasons to lace up those tennis shoes and hit the courts.

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