Pickleball Leagues and Ladders

Pickleball Leagues and Ladders

Pickleball is becoming a very popular sport for all ages around the world and regarded as the fastest growing sport in America. It is available in most small cities and towns and can be played on a true pickleball court or a tennis court. One of the ways you can be competitive and continue to play this exciting sport is to run a league or ladder. The following are a few ideas to keep your pickleball fun and competitive.


Pickleball leagues and ladders are customizable. You can play one time or play weekly with a group of players. Weekly play uses wins to rank individuals and/or teams by awarding points for each match played.


A short term league is a great way to keep the interest and play going while having an overall winner at the end of several weeks. After the league is over you can do player sign-ups again for additional new players or for members to join other teams. This is also a great way to get other area pickleball clubs involved.


A penny ladder can be used to rank winners weekly. Each week players are given a number of pennies and each game the winners take pennies from the losers. At the end of the night after all games are played the players are ranked according to their total number of pennies awarded from their wins. This is a fun way to keep the competition going. You may want to highlight or paint the pennies so they are easy to track and bring back each week.


The next great way to keep your players involved in pickleball each week is to run a round robin. This type of play involves teams whether in doubles or individual points format. Each player or team plays all other teams at least one time and cumulative scores are tallied. You can keep this round robin format going week to week or make it a single time event.


To learn more about registration for ladders and leagues and how to keep your players involved please go to courtreserve.com

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