The Importance of “Instant” Availability

A happy tennis player.|The importance of instant court availability.

Members, guests, players, spectators, consumers – call them what you like but these are the  people who pay to use your facility and buy your products.

Happy Members = Revenue.

Member Problem: NO Accessibility (and Visibility) to the Availability of courts.

With anything that someone pays for, they expect to have immediate access to it.  If that access is taken away, members will start to wonder what benefit they are getting out of their membership. Frustration could easily set in when your members continue to drive up to the club, get out of their car, walk up to the front desk, and are told – “Sorry, all of the courts are booked today”.  Each time this happens their satisfaction level with their membership takes a hit.

Court Reservation software such as CourtReserve provides instant visibility to court availability that helps solve this problem.  When you use an online reservation system, especially one with a mobile app, you make it easy to give your members instant access to what is going on at your club at any given time. Members using their mobile devices can easily view and even book courts in seconds!  When members gain “access” – it immediately improves their satisfaction rating and their perceived value of their membership to your club goes up, and your thoughts of losing members goes down.

Looking to streamline your pain points using software?  Try CourtReserve today!

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