Drive Revenue and Improve Convenience: Become a Cashless Sports Facility

Drive Revenue and Improve Convenience: Become a Cashless Sports Facility

As a sports facility owner or manager, your ultimate goal is to make money. In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to be automated and understand your finances and revenue well. One way to do this is by allowing credit card payments at your facility.

At CourtReserve, we often hear that facilities want to make more money but avoid taking credit cards because of the fees. The truth is, by not accepting credit card payments, you’re missing out on revenue. Not only that, but you’re also adding more manual processes, which can lead to more errors and lost income.

Here are some reasons why you should consider collecting payments through an online platform like CourtReserve:

Nowadays, players want convenience and ease of paying for things they sign up for. By allowing them to pay online, you’re making it more convenient for them to sign up for classes, lessons, and reservations. Consider selling packages of lessons or classes so your credit card transaction fees are reduced. For your facility members, consider a monthly invoice where you charge their card on file once per month for all of the previous month’s charges. Invoicing or batch billing allows you to pay the credit card transaction fee (usually $.30 per transaction) once instead of every time your players buy a can of balls or pay for a class! You’re missing out on revenue if you’re still collecting checks and cash.

Paying online reduces manual errors and processes: Let’s face it, manual processes can often lead to mistakes and lost revenue. The honor system or paper tickets are a manual nightmare! How often have you forgotten to go to the bank, and now all the checks to deposit are in your car or home? By having your players pay online, you’re reducing the chances of manual errors and keeping your reporting and revenue tracking up to date in real time.

Here’s a real case study for you! 

Nine court city municipality in Southern California was on pen and paper. The honor system box was supposed to collect the annual membership dues and guest fees. When revenue continued declining, but players increased, this facility decided to become digital and use CourtReserve. In just one year, they increased guest fee revenue by $10,000! They increased membership dues by over $100,000 and didn’t raise their pricing. Now members had to pay online and have an active membership to book a court. Operational revenue going to the club increased by 2,675%. It went from $6,140 in 2020 to $170,422 in 2022, allowing this facility to make new facility improvements like court lighting, windscreens, and more!

In conclusion, if you want to drive revenue and save money, consider moving towards becoming a cashless sports facility with CourtReserve. By allowing credit card payments, you’ll reduce the chances of manual errors and missed revenue opportunities, saving time for your staff and players. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you drive revenue and grow your sports facility.

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