Driving Revenue At Your Pickleball Club

Driving Revenue at your Pickleball Club

Few things are more exciting than opening a new pickleball club!  One of the key components clubs need to consider is how to drive revenue and what cost structure will be most effective in aligning with your business strategy. Let us share with you our experience on the best way to structure costs at your new pickleball facility. 


First, consider your market. Here are some key questions to help you think through your market:

  • How close are other pickleball courts or clubs to your location? 
  • Are those clubs or courts free to play on or is there a fee? 
  • What is the size of the active pickleball community in close proximity to your club?  
  • Will you need to focus on growing your club or do you need to focus on growing the game for your club to be successful? 


The next thing you need to consider is around membership or player cost. Would your pickleball  players pay a monthly or annual membership to play at your facility in lieu of paying for court time? Some of the clubs that we serve have a combination of a small monthly membership fee along with a smaller court fee. Some clubs decide to simply stick to a monthly membership fee with no court fee or a court fee each time the players come to the courts. Memberships at your organization can include limited free hours of court reservations for open play and round robin. This could be a great incentive for players to secure a paid membership at your organization instead of just paying for court time. Different types of memberships including family, junior, couples and senior memberships can be another way to drive revenue through memberships.


Pickleball clubs have a variety of ways to structure player costs. Click here and watch how a new Tennessee pickleball club drives revenue at their organization.


There are additional ways to help increase profit at your club. This could be a ball machine rental or a small pro shop with an easily integrated POS with inventory management system where you can sell cans of balls, water bottles, sports drinks and customized club gear. 


Pickleball facilities are also trying new ways of doing business that make it easier for staff and players! Are you trying to be a cashless organization? This means that any time players sign up for court reservations or open play they pay online when they sign up. A cashless organization makes it easy for organizations and clubs that want to hire front desk staff for a great customer service experience and less around manual processes and paperwork.


If you are a cashless facility you could also consider being a 24 hour facility. You can use wifi remote lock access control as a way for players to make a reservation,  pay for the reservation online and then enter your facility with a unique pin code that unlocks the door. This would allow you to have longer hours for play which can increase your revenue. By adding some simple security cameras this allows for pickleball all day and night long!  


CourtReserve is the leading provider of court reservation and member management software of new pickleball clubs, click here to watch an overview demo. If you would like to learn more about how we support pickleball clubs all over the world Click and Schedule a call with us today!

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