How a Virtual Monitor in Your Club Lobby is a Break Point for Players

The Advantages of a Digitized Lobby|

A virtual monitor is a secondary display that lets you broadcast what’s on one computer to secondary or multiple screens. This comes in handy in a lot of different ways and can revolutionize your tennis club when you choose to use it properly. 

When you have access to this sort of display technology, you’ll be able to streamline the way your customers get help. Not only can customers access information for reservations and events, but your staff will also be freed up to handle other tasks. 

To learn more about how this technology is a must for any tennis club today, consider the following. 

A Virtual Monitor Gives Your Customers Full Control of Their Reservation

Ever had a line out of the lobby because your machine is down or slow, or you’re experiencing more people than usual?

This can be a nightmare, and could even deter people from renewing their membership. Virtual monitors give guests more control. This means an easier time booking reservations and planning events. 

Not only will they get access to a color-coded, easy to view breakdown of their reservation, your company will also use less paper in the process. Plus, it’s green friendly. Today’s customer prefers digital anyway, so strive to kill fewer trees.

With these systems, your customers get a virtual view of your screen, which allows them to choose everything from court type to reservation time. By allowing them a true glimpse at a sophisticated booking system, they will get exactly what they want from their reservation. 

Members Get to Track Their Data and Plans

Using a virtual monitor also lets your customers get easy access to their own account information, which is half the battle.

They will be able to use the secondary screen to keep track of all past bookings and any future events they’re planning. You simply provide the platform and won’t have to worry about paying to use it on multiple machines throughout your building. 

Instead, they’ll have access to every bit of information without having to leave the lobby or get the help of a staff member. 

Your Staff is Better Able to Address Issues

A cluttered lobby is bad for your club’s business. Giving customers access to portions of the system via a virtual monitor lets them handle many of their own issues so that staff members are free to be helpful to more people and in different ways. 

At the same time, staff members are always available to jump in and address customer issues at a moment’s notice if customers are having trouble with their reservations. It’s a win-win experience for everyone. 

Upgrade to the Best Platform For Your Tennis Club

When you want your club members to get proper assistance, you can’t go wrong with a virtual monitor. There are several platforms out there you can use, so figure out which service works best for your club. 

To learn more about the features and pricing of Court Reserve, feel free to get in touch with us.

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