Tennis Warm Up: 3 Stretches To Do Before Your Next Match

Tennis Warm Up-3 Stretches To Do Before Your Next Match|

It’s no secret that keeping an active lifestyle has plenty of benefits. Getting involved in a sport, like tennis, is good for your health at several levels.

People interested in doing well will often look to a trainer for help. However, it’s important that you know how to help your prospective tennis students perform at their best.

That’s why you should know these tennis warm up stretches that will tackle the full body! Let’s work from the bottom up.

1. Legs

Starting with legs, it’s important to get the muscles used to moving before engaging in a match.

You can start off slow with static stretches like Quad stretches, where you hold the foot behind the butt and alternate. Then, you’ll want to try a dynamic stretch like Lateral lunges.

Dynamic stretches are stretches that involve a progression of movement that isn’t too intense but still pushes the muscles a little bit. Lateral lunges will stretch the quads a level more than the Quad stretches did.

2. Core

Working up means stretching and focusing on your core. Your core is what helps you keep your balance when it comes to most things, believe it or not.

That’s because your center of gravity generally falls in your lower torso area. Working on the core in a static way can involve exercises like standing on one foot for a certain amount of time.

Star abs and crunches are good examples of dynamic moves that you can include in fun tennis warm ups in order to engage and strengthen the core. Your student will be surprised at the amount that their core factors into their tennis performance and hopefully pleased with the fruits of their labor!

3. Arms

Finally, there are the racket-swinging arms. What’s fun about tennis is that it’s a fairly accessible sport; people can play it in wheelchairs, like basketball.

When working arms, it’s important to get them swinging around so that they’re used to the most common movement of the sport. Doing some swinging to warm up is a good idea.

In terms of dynamic stretches, arm circles can really get a fire going. Arm circles are most productive when they’re done with the arms completely straightened out and when the circles are as small as, well, tennis balls!

The bigger the circle and the bigger the bend at the elbow, the easier this exercise gets so that you can adjust for those at different levels than others.

Yield Success with Tennis Warm Up Stretches

Focusing on these areas of the body will help you yield the most success with tennis warm up stretches. Have your students on the court and rallying better than ever before thanks to this quick and easy guide!

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