The Art of Listening – We HEAR You!

The Art of Listening - We HEAR You!||Customer Listening We Hear You

As we all continue to come back to a sense of normal and day to day we find that it’s the little things that make a difference. We run a racquet focused software company. We help tennis and pickleball directors make their lives easier and more productive. We help their players schedule time at their club. We help front desk staff check in juniors for programming. We help financial people push a button and run essential reports. We help instructors schedule lessons and send reminders. 

Yes we do all of that but the most IMPORTANT thing we do is LISTEN.  The art of listening is an essential quality of life that seems to be less and less because we are moving so quickly to the next activity or task. We just got this message from a new customer on LinkedIn and it really says everything that CourtReserve was built on.

We listen to our customers because they need things to be easier. We listen when they need help figuring things out. Sometimes we all need to just slow down and listen…. Companies like us need to hear what is needed and why. Yes we are a software company but we actually LOVE being a LISTENING company. Our people listen well whether that’s our Customer Support when assisting with setup or our Product Team when a Customer sends us a needed feature on our Idea Board or our Leadership Team when we have Employee benefits like Chiropractic and Massage reimbursement!

If you and your staff need to be heard, be in touch with us and we will LISTEN!


2022 Customer Requested Releases We LISTENED to!

New Membership Report

Sell Memberships with Age Restrictions

Bulk Texting

Sales Tax on Events

Membership Waitlisting

Player Match Making

Instructor Scheduling- Flexible

Split Reservation Fees Across Players

Event Guests

Discounting on Reservations and Programming

Still to Be Released in 2022

Packages and Punch Cards

Court Waitlisting

Stringing Module


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