What are your “side perks”?

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When a member is looking for a club to join and play at they look at your overall amenities and what I like to call “side perks”. Does your club provide high quality teaching pros to help improve or teach them the fundamentals?  Does your club provide resources so they can practice on their own (Ball machines, ball hoppers, stringing services, equipment)? Does your club offer an array of programs or events to provide a member the social connection they are looking for or ways for their kids to get involved?  The services and resources you offer to your members will directly correlate with the amount of members you can acquire and just as important be able to retain. However, you can’t just offer these services and resources. You have to make it easy for your members to engage with them, especially to the brand new member, who may have some anxiety and how they will connect to your club and other members.

Automation is your friend here.  By using a product like CourtReserve, you can give members instant access to the “side perks” you are offering. Members can then quickly book that ball machine, sign up for a social clinic to meet new players, and even sign up for that private lesson that can help their game.  When you make it easy for the member to tap into your perks, you make it an easy decision to make again. Isn’t the goal to provide perks that members will constantly engage with? If the process to do so is time consuming for your members, the likelihood they repeat the process will continue to go down.

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How automating your club is directly related to acquiring and retaining more members at your club

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