Benefits of an Online Court Reservation Booking System

Benefits of an Online Court Reservation Booking System

In the last 18 months both tennis and pickleball courts have seen tremendous growth. Players and novice people alike have embraced the racquet sports activities after being secluded at home for many months. Overpopulated courts have caused problems for pickleball and tennis clubs. What is the solution to handling busy courts?


Since many public and private organizations still have a manual paper or whiteboard process a simple online reservation system can help ease court tension and players alike.


The first benefit to having an online digital system is player visibility. Visibility to courts gives a real-time view of opportunities to schedule and play. The managed online court booking system can set up restrictions on how many courts or reservations per day or per week each player can reserve. This allows for consistent and equal booking time for all players.


Another reason to have an online court booking system is to capture revenue and make sure players are showing up for reservations. A pen and paper system is not an efficient way to capture revenue and requires manual processes and staffing. By charging an online small fee to book courts ensures maximum court utilization and reduction of no-show players.


One of the biggest reasons to implement an online court reservation system is to control court time for both players and instructors. Instructors can easily show availability for lessons, classes, clinics and summer camps. Having an online booking system allows instructors to schedule opportunities at their organization. Instructors love this because now they can teach and not be bogged down by text, emails and phone calls. 


If you’re concerned about capturing revenue the best way to have a clear picture of your organization is by using an online system that provides good data and reporting analytics. For example, do you have more singles reservations or doubles reservations. You can capture waitlist functionality to determine the most popular classes or clinics. 


CourtReserve helps tennis and pickleball clubs reduce member and staffing frustrations by providing an easy online system to manage courts, programming, member management and more. Contact us today at

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