How Social Media Can Help You Retain Tennis and Pickleball Club Memberships

How Social Media Can Help You Retain Tennis and Pickleball Club Memberships|

In 2020 the average internet user spent 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media. Just think about how many potential users you could be connecting with if you took advantage of those statistics. It’s time to get your Tennis and Pickleball club onto social media and make an impression on your members.

Retain existing club memberships and sell new ones without leaving your computer.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to find out more.

Engage With Members Online

Your club members are already on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And once your sports club has secured accounts on all those sites you can communicate directly with members online. Get feedback on your equipment, fitness class schedule, or other amenities using social media.

Browse social media for positive and negative feedback. Respond in a respectful way and try to accommodate changes that members are looking for. Your online community will notice when you actively engage and look for user feedback.

Spotlight New Offers

You can leverage social media channels or an email campaign to inform members of new promotions at the club. Are you offering discounted sessions with a coach or free swag for members that renew their annual membership? If so, advertise it!

Use pictures, videos, and text to show exciting new events and offers for club members. Make it fun and remind people why they love being a loyal member.

Expand to Digital Fitness

If you haven’t already started offering virtual classes or designed a mobile app, consider starting it now. During COVID-19 many people started working out at home for safety and convenience. You can capitalize on that!

Try offering a digital or hybrid class and advertise it on your social media channels. People that spend a lot of time online may be more likely to take a class online too.

Spotlight Your Community

Your members want to see people like themselves on your social media pages. The key to member retention is reminding members how special they are and how your fitness space will help them make progress with their goals.

Try featuring a specific member at your facility complete with pictures and a bio. Choose inspirational candidates that have used your facility to start living their best life. Inspire your members to come to the club or keep coming to the club.

Let Members Share Their Success

Social media profiles can also help members share their stories with friends and family online. They can snap a sweaty pic after their workout and tag your gym in the post!

You can encourage members to tag your social media profiles by starting a challenge or creating a page just for people with club memberships.

Retain Members at Your Sports Club

Social media gives your Tennis and Pickleball club endless potential. You can allow members to connect with each other and staff members to build a fitness community.

Remember that your digital membership software will also make a huge impression on your members. So consider working with CourtReserve or start a free 30-day trial to see how great digital software can change your life.

It’s been a tough year for sports clubs and fitness spaces but now is the time to overcome and to thrive!

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