Your Club Needs a Mobile App!

Your Club Needs a Mobile App||

Today there is a common thread among all the people at your club. Young or old, novice or professional, competitive player or weekend warrior, all of us have a smartphone. We use our mobile devices to do everything in our lives. Do you remember what it was like to get directions to a place or business you wanted to visit, that you had never frequented before? The yellow pages to look up the phone number and call for open hours and directions, a map to verify or plan your route, and a good old fashioned guess as to what time you needed to leave home to get there.


Our mobile devices have become our lifeline to practically everything we do. As a club you need to put your organization in the same place that your players are using to access and organize their lives – a simple app, right on their phone. Here are a few wins you will realize when you move your club to the thing your players use most.


Convenience for Players: One of the major pain points for players and organizations is the ability to quickly view and book available courts or programming at your club. Players’ lives are full and connected to their phones. When they send or get that text about playing on Tuesday at lunch with their friends, the ability to provide a quick and easy way to get on the court sets your club apart. Readily available resources (courts, lessons, clinics) and ease of setup is a proven way to drive additional revenue at your club and enhance the player experience. Bonus: this also reduces administrative work as you are not staffing calls to reserve courts and lessons, but rather letting a tool do that work for you. 


Convenience for Coaches: What do coaches, instructors, and pros love? They love their sport and teaching it! What do they not love? Administration, keeping up with calendars, running down payments, and tracking hours.  What if your tennis and pickleball pros could be on the court more often and handle all the administrative tasks in a fraction of the time? A mobile app allows for easy visibility of the instructor schedule along with other crucial information. Instructors can easily edit classes, sign up players for events, schedule and take payment for lessons, and record attendance – all on their mobile device. Imagine a world where your instructors are doing more of what they love and less of what they loathe. That world is now a reality with a mobile app for your club that caters to their needs.  


Clear Communication for All: Clear communication from your club, creates the right expectations, and happy players. You need a mobile app for alerts and notifications whether by email or text. When the weather changes or you need to alert your members quickly, a mobile app is your best friend. Apps help manage communication and notifications, including when there are new opportunities, like new classes or events your players can sign up for. People are on the go and using their mobile device is the easiest way to keep them up to speed with what’s happening at your organization.

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