7 Tennis Essentials that Every Player Should Keep in Their Tennis Bag

Player with tennis bag

Tennis is a game of determination, physical stamina, and preparedness. Not-to-mention the right type of kit which is totally make-or-break for the type of game you play. While the world of recreational tennis is completely different from that of the professionals we watch on television, the game itself is no different. Whether you’re a pro…

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It’s time for Tennis & Pickleball to just get along!

There is no doubt with the pickleball craze out there at the moment, tennis courts are more in demand than ever before. I truly feel that if tennis clubs do not start filling their empty courts with “open-play” pickleball they are missing tons of potential revenue.  The sport continues to grow at an all-time record…

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What Age Should Kids Start Playing Tennis?

What Age Should Kids Start Playing Tennis

Approximately 2.14 million children aged 6-12 play tennis, as do 2.23 million children aged 13-17. Has your child expressed an interest in playing tennis? Are you unsure of whether or not they’re old enough to learn? There’s not one appropriate age for a child to start learning tennis. There are a few things you need to…

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